Match Land


Run a medieval marketplace and match colorful gems


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Match Land is a puzzle game that challenges you to run your own little bazaar where you can sell your products to all kinds of adventurers and fantasy creatures. That said, much of the time you’ll be fighting against monsters using the traditional match-3 gameplay.

Though the gameplay in Match Land is very similar to other match-3 games, it’s not exactly the same. Once you’ve made your first move, you have a couple of extra seconds to continue moving pieces quickly, and the more pieces you link together, the more damage you'll do to your enemies.

The resources you earn during your battles can help you upgrade your store and unlock new heroes. There are 20 different characters and you can run 30 different stores with all kinds of unique products. As a huge added bonus, the story of the game takes you through more than 200 different levels.

Match Land is a super entertaining and unique puzzle game with totally delightful graphics. A game that may look a bit generic at first glance but offers a refreshing and super entertaining experience.

Android 4.4 or greater is required

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